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Wojtanowski Lukasz_The Pennant, embroidery, 105x95 cm.jpg

Lukasz Wojtanowski

The Pennant

embroidery on fabric, 105 x 95 cm

The form of work refers to the fabrics admired by the artist: Catholic liturgical fabrics for vestments, processional banners, canopies, embroidered chasubles, and oriental fabrics, like for example Chinese embroidery.


It also includes elements belonging to a different order, outside the world of the sacred, in English-language literature referred to as „a sampler”. These are stitch samples, a confirmation of exercises, a proof of acquired skills.


So, the work has become in large part „an exemplary” for the artist, in which he includes his knowledge of embroidery, well-known stitches – attempts inspired by oriental and western embroidery. He fills them with content characteristic of his work, in which the landscape based on the places he knows plays an important role, with roadside vegetation and people included in it – creations from the world of memories, dreams and ideas.

Lukasz Wojtanowski


graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He concentrates his artistic efforts on fabric decoration techniques

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