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Wojtanowski Lukasz_Mirabelle Plums, batik, 170x200 cm.jpg

Lukasz Wojtanowski

Mirabelle Plums

Beginning of Summer

2x batik on cotton, 170x200 cm each

The works stem from the experience of Polish symbolism and the state of mind shaped by it, its mood, feeling, associations evoked by it, imagery. There is a place here for private mythologies, heroes of your own story, memories, a sense of sensuality of the surrounding summer. The sources of these moods, their integral part are the places, landscapes, states of nature, the beauty of vegetation, the warmth of the sun.


A good example are the Mirabelle plums, little plums that have fallen to the ground – an expression of high summer, ripening months. The performance is therefore a mixture of experienced, awe-inspiring nature and the mood, the resonance evoked by it, and an attempt to express these experiences.


The decision to pick up the motifs coincided with the artist’s interest in using batik, especially Javanese batik, which, as he writes: “gives an image of something completely phenomenal, dazzling with the technique and finesse of representations and ornamentation. In that valuable medium (the charm and nobility just of the materials used in batik – natural cotton fabric, a wonderful aroma of beeswax you can smell) I wanted to „dress up” the motifs that were important to me.” Both works were inspired by artist’s summer walks in the vicinity. Walks towards landscapes, in landscapes, sensing them. They are complemented by the characters placed in the composition, inhabitants of dream-images.

Lukasz Wojtanowski


graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He concentrates his artistic efforts on fabric decoration techniques

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