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Hanna Wojdala-Markowska

Triptych of (not quite) Colorful Structures


Triptych of Relief Structures

mixed weaving technique on the warp, 2x 3 pcs, 25x25 cm each

Both triptychs: Relief structures 1,2,3 and Structures not quite colored: yellow, green, and blue were created in the spring of 2020.

The structure has something infinite such as code, sequence, repeatability, rhythm, and system ... In my projects, I touch on the concept of structures as systems using modularly repeated elements of an art form, such as points, lines, shapes, colors, matter, and reliefs.


The material modules that make up a surface of unique textiles (along with surrounding spaces) constitute an open, inspiring, structured reality for me. Inspirations oscillate around: the repetition of rhythms, the richness of colorful and fleeting afterimages, specific color combinations based on contrasts and similarities, personal preparation of textiles, papers, or other materials, their layers, methods of joining, and assembly.


The surrounding world is inspiring to me, in which I find: surfaces, spaces, atmospheric phenomena, and compositional arrangements, but also specific objects, trinkets, unused threads, threads, yarns, and fabrics. I try to reuse some of them, giving them new places and meanings. I appreciate their external beauty and uniqueness.

Hanna Wojdala-Markowska

born in 1964 in Radom. Since 1995, she has been working at the Art Department of the Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, from 2007 as a professor. She works with paintings, unique fabrics, and original clothes. She has taken part in over 200 international, national, and internal exhibitions. She organized 31 solo exhibitions and several shows of her own original clothing collections.

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