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Kacper Witkowski broken nature futoshiki (1).jpeg

Kacper Witkowski

Furoshiki. Broken Nature. (A Yellow Jacquard)

2019, jacquard, 75x75 cm

Is the further coexistence of humans and the Earth still possible? Is our planet doomed to destruction?


In the pursuit of money, humans are turning Mother Earth into a garbage dump. Undoubtedly, our fate is sealed. This collection, inspired by the process of environmental degradation taking place right before our eyes, depicts the human-nature relationship.

All of the fabrics in the collection are used to package items, according to the furoshiki technique, which is an alternative to plastic bags. The designs were created from hand-drawn sketches influenced by the warning signs ubiquitous on labels, cosmetics and other colourful products. This series of textiles is informational and warning in character and is not an attempt to save the world.

Kacper Witkowski

associated with Łódź, where he lives and creates. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and the Lodz University of Technology, where he took his first steps in designing fabrics.

He draws inspiration from travels - both small and large.

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