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Walczak Izabela, Transformation, own technique, ca 200x200 cm.jpg

Izabela Walczak


own technique, wool, cotton, and additional elements, ca 200x200 cm

The work was inspired by the world of night butterflies. The artist focusses attention on imperceptible and unapparent beauty. Beauty that may cease to exist. The world is constantly changing, it is being destroyed by humans, and it needs help. Pollution of the Earth and air has a huge impact on nature and in a way on us as well. Symbiotic connection of humans and nature must be acknowledged so that we do not disappear in the dark like butterflies that were an inspiration for the work. We are attracted by the light of new technologies, consumerism, but it is treacherous and has a negative impact on us.

Izabela Walczak


studied at the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz in 2001-2006 at the Faculty of Textile and Fashion design. She obtained her diploma in 2006 at the Carpet and Tapestry Studio. Since 2009, she has been employed as an Assistant in the Carpet and Tapestry Studio. In 2021, she obtained a doctorate in Fine Arts. Currently, she runs the Institute of Textile, Printmaking, and Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Participant of over 30 collective and solo exhibitions. A winner of the International Open Air of Wicker Spatial Forms. She works with fiber art, artistic fabric, jacquard, utility outdoor objects.

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