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Dominika Walczak Transition 2.jpg

2 pcs manual transfer on fabric, 260x120x40 cm in total

Dominika Walczak

Passage from the Re-Framing series

The work has been made using transfer paints and hand-made matrices. It forms a part of a larger series entitled Re-Framing.


The inspiration for its creation was fabric materiality and the uniqueness of the relationship between fabric as a medium and the sphere of memories and processes related to the human life cycle, passing, and passing away.

Dominika Walczak


born in 1991 in Lodz. Graduate of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She has been working at its Institute of Textile, Printmaking, and Interior Design since 2016.


Since 2013, she has participated in over 40 collective exhibitions and artistic competitions in Poland and abroad. Recipient of numerous awards and scholarships.

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