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multi-element work in the form of felt-based stones of various sizes

Elwira Sztetner


Where is the boundary between an individual and a group? Where one body ends and another one begins? What separates one species from another? Can two species form a common body? Is moss turf, forest litter, the entire forest, the earth’s biosphere countless autonomous beings, or maybe a big whole one? Is a superorganism a colony of organisms of the same species or a multispecies body formed by interdependent organisms including endosymbiosis?


Biological sciences see all living matter as an unbroken continuum. If this is really the case, then all boundaries, divisions, hierarchies, and systems reflect our perception of the world rather than its true state.


“My works are made of unnecessary things – damaged clothes, leftover yarn, old newspapers, plastic packaging. I create from what I have at hand. I weave, bind, and sew. I enclose unnecessary things inside the sewn objects – garbage, and plastic. Looking for solutions best suited to the idea I want to convey. I do not intend to specifically use fabric, however, it usually is.”

Elwira Sztetner


creates objects and installations that border on sculpture and textiles. She reaches for typically feminine techniques – sewing, embroidery, crochet, weaving.


She is associated with ecofeminism and vegan movements.


She has been working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 2010.

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