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Salwin Marcin_About my mom and me (video, photography, tatoo).jpg

2 x colour photography, hand embroidery on cotton fabric,

2x video file

Marcin Salwin

About me and my mum

          line, trace, body...

I look at myself and my mum. Similar eyes, similar cheeks, similar nose, and similar handwriting.

Recently, I have been filled with a bit of nostalgia and remorse. The work is a way of me saying thank you, emphasize the essence and the huge role of my mum in shaping who I am and what I am doing.

My mother sews and draws a line on the fabric surface. I draw on a surface dependent on my needs. Motherhood brings with it physical traces, so that’s why I write down my part on my own body - in a form of an equal exchange. The work is a symbolic record of our relationship; it is a meeting halfway. The actions on the fabric and leather are symmetrical, and although they can function independently, they complement each other only with full awareness of the context and the wholeness."

Marcin Salwin


graduate of the University of Arts in Poznan. Participate in individual and collective exhibitions, incl. Arsenal City Gallery, “Poles. Young Dialogues. Other ", 2019, and National Museum in Wroclaw," Subversive Tapestry ", 2020.

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