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Sadrak Paulina_I saw you in my dream_(detail).jpg

Paulina Sadrak

I saw you in my dream

embroidery on paper, set of 9 pcs, 91x18 cm in total

It is said that every face that we dreamt of belongs to someone that we saw during our lifetime.


Brain is not producing new faces it is only repurposing the ones that it already recorded. It could be a stranger – a passerby from the street or an actor from tv commercial but in our dreams that person could be your lover or an enemy.


My work is telling a story of the recollecion of such face seen in a dream.

Paulina Sadrak,


b. 1989. MA in Department of Textile Art on The Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz, Bachelor at University in Lodz at Cultural Studies, specialization Film and new media studies.


Currently works at the Experimental Textile Studio at the Strzeminski Academy of fine Arts in Lodz.


Interested in the influence of memories and the process of remembering as a starting point for textile creation.

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