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Rusin Joanna_A Mosaic. The Subcarpathian Kilim, own technique, wool felt, 2 pcs, each 160x

Joanna Rusin

A Mosaic. The Subcarpathian Kilim

own technique, wool felt,160x240 cm

An artistic and educational project in tribute to the cultural heritage of Podkarpacie (Sub-Carpathia), inspired by regional tradition, rich design, pulsating with saturated colours and handicrafts culture.


Double-sided, modular carpets are handcrafted from natural felt wool fabric, using traditional techniques of cutting and interlacing. Fabric constructed in a unique way reflects the modular nature of traditional kilims from the Eastern Carpathia. The project aims to bring new values to the contemporary design and popularise the handicraft and culture of south-eastern Poland.


The carpet was made from multiplied, geometric cut-out modules and then adapted to the interlacement and construction of fabrics. Appropriately designed modules made it possible to put them together in any configuration.

Joanna Rusin


doctor of Fine Arts, designer and artist working on the border between fiber art and design. She aims to enrich objects of mass culture with values from art of unique fabric and broaden the knowledge of the customer-oriented design. She creates unique fabrics, utility collections, therapeutic objects.


She runs the Interior, Carpet and Tapestry Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Among others, her works are in the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw, the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, the Museum of Art and Design in Riga, Museum of Weaving and Rug Weaving in Gliniany, Ukraine. She has received many awards for her works.

She is a four-time recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship.

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