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anna_przybylo_czarna mgła_technika własna_2013_cz_2.jpg

Anna Przybylo

The "Black Fog" cycle

Own technique (sisal, yarn, polypropylene string, steel crossbars), 3 pcs: 200x180 cm, 200x220 cm, 170x300 cm

The work consists of three elements, crossing the border between relief sculpture and artistic fabric.


The triptych is an illustration to the Black Fog fairy tale written by the artist, with each weave a psychological portrait of the characters. The fairy tale tells a story about a wonderful garden of eternal happiness and is a metaphor for taming your fear, sadness, and melancholy, symbolized by the black fog, both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

No two gardens are alike. Just as there is no one recipe for happiness. Everyone has to figure it out on their own. This garden is yours and you will decide what it will look like. You decide what form the black fog should take here. You know the source of your fears. Without this knowledge, you would not be able to control them even to the slightest degree. However, the truth is that they will never disappear. I managed to tame my own fog over time. However, she can still be very dangerous. He never fully controls her wildness.

Anna Przybylo


graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko in Krakow, Faculty of Sculpture. Diploma in the studio of prof. Jozef Murzyn and Akademija Primijejnih Umjetnosti, Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Croatia. Scholarship under the Erasmus + Program / Lifelong Learning Program. Participation in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, incl. , II Biennial of Textile Art in Poznan, 2019; Mother, not mother - every woman is divine !, Center for Contemporary Art Solvay, Kraków, 2018;

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