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Katarzyna Pilic


copper wire woven on circular wires with a fishing line,

length: 70 cm

The work is a dialogue of modern times with traditional fabrics, the softness and plasticity of which have been translated into a spatial form, that constitutes a material contrast with tradition. By creating "fabric sculptures " made of copper wire, the artist fulfils her need for work with fabric, and the willingness to go beyond the well-known and culturally rooted definitions of fabric. The organic shape of the work is also an expression of inspiration by the nature of the forest, its surroundings and openwork lights, saturating the forest scenery with sparkles.

For the artist, an integral part of the work is the creative process, the main way of translating her vision from imaginary to physical matter. It is a therapy that "infuses" the creator's sensitivity into the resulting work.

Katarzyna Pilic


graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass. Participation in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, incl. Exhibition of Illustrators 2020, Zamek Culture Center in Poznan; Polish Institute in Bratislava 2019, post-open-air exhibition of the Lower Silesian Artistic Glass Workshop E-glass Experiment.

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