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Anna Piechura

Jan's Carpet

own technique, embroidery and painting on felt, 160x200 cm

When looking at paintings, we often try to enter a flat piece of the imaginary world in our imagination. “John's Carpet” is an element transferred from imaginary space of the painting to our reality.


The history of the carpet began when the artist decided to paint an oil diptych showing her roommate - John, lying with a tiger in an interior that one day appeared in her imagination. She then concluded that the making of a carpet that is part of the composition of the paintings would be, as she herself writes: "strange, interesting and a bit funny”.

Anna Piechura


born in 1995, she graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Stage Costume Studio run by dr hab. Izabela Stronias. The diploma project was (among others) a part of a group exhibition Young Polish Scenography accompanying The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. She also received a distinction in the competition for the Stage Design Award organized by the Silesian Museum in Katowice and the Dean's Award of the Faculty of Textile and Fashion as part of the Debuts Gala presenting the best bachelor's diplomas of the Department of Fashion Design.

Currently, she is working on a master's degree in the Fashion Design Studio run by prof. Barbara Hanuszkiewicz and the Carpet and Tapestry Studio led by prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak at the same academy. Laureate of the rector's scholarship for high academic performance. In 2019, as an assistant, she made the costumes for the play I Am the Hamlet directed by Agata Duda - Gracz at The New Theatre in Poznań. She is also involved in the projects of local group exhibitions: Pabianiczanki, Girls with gray faces had hearts in different colors, Open exhibition, Hallway Gallery. She had three individual exhibitions, the last of them, entitled Carpet Smell, was presented at the FOREST cafe in Sopot.

Apart from textiles, fashion and stage costumes, she deeply focuses on painting, which is the main foundation of any other visual works she does. Not that long ago she used to like describing her painting in a poetic way, comparing it to cooking a golden soup and write enigmatic self-quotes that move the imagination.

Recently, however, she no longer feels the ornaments and secrets. As she says herself: my creativity includes a lot of love, the way how imagination interprets sounds, memories from childhood gardens

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