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Osipska-Rozpedek Ewa, A Bride, applique, 175x80 cm.jpg

Ewa Osinska-Rozpedek

A Bride

2019, appliqué, 175x80 cm

The theme of the work is a woman, or rather women, and how they function in the patriarchal system that stays unchanged for centuries.


A bride is a stereotype in which a girl becomes a woman and at the same time is subjected to the objectification laws imposed by males. In the work, the bride's outfit is symbolically marked with white tulle.


The female attribute is the pink shape in the centre. It is surrounded, guarded, and abused by men's grey suits. An important element is the red thread located under the veil, symbolizing wounded femininity.

Ewa Osinska-Rozpedek


member of the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. She works with paintings, drawings, fabric, interior designs and practises tai chi. She actively participates in the artistic life. She has organized several solo exhibitions and participates in many collective exhibitions. She is a member of the groups: Positive Art and Young at Heart with Art.

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