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Maciej Mesznik

Fire and Earthquake

2x own technique based on manual screen printing, pasted elements and painting (287x109 cm, 274x95 cm)

1. Earthquake

Hard work both in terms of heaviness (for a fabric) and in terms of emotional hardship which it carries. It relates directly to human emotions. The earthquake is a phenomenon against which man does not stand a chance. It is devastation, helplessness, destruction, annihilation. It is a life turned to rubble in a matter of seconds, lost property, abandoned dreams. Most of all, however, it is fear. Huge fear, big fear, and small fears. Fear, that it all will come back, fear that it will come, fear that it will affect someone close to us or us. Man, who wanted to become the lord of the Earth to subdue it, at the same time completely devastating it, when confronted with one of the forces of nature turns out to be small and turns out to be completely paralysed. The work was created by gluing together different sizes and weights of cotto.


2. Fire 

Fire can affect individuals as well as communities and even whole societies. My work talks about emotions and although it was created through the layering of various actions, the multiplicity of traces and the use of various tools, the story is told using simple means of expression.

Maciej Mesznik


visual artist, born in 1973 in Gliwice. Diploma with high distinction at the Department of Textile and Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz 2003. Postgraduate Studies in Graphics, Department of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He works with unique fabrics, paintings, graphics, drawings, clothes, and theatrical stage designs. Participated in over eighty collective exhibitions.

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