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Monika Mazurkiewicz

I'm taking a black thread out of me

2014, own technique: grey paper with thread sewn in using an industrial sewing machine 17 elements

I sew clothes from grey paper.

The condition of the material and where the thread comes from are important, as it is the thread that builds my sculptures. When I was a child, my mother made clothes for my dolls and for me. She looked after the toys’ wardrobe. She made outfits from coloured patches for them. I don’t remember those moments, but now I have chosen these clothes, and they are very important for me.


Four years before I started the "I'm taking the black thread out of me" project, I found myself in an empty white space. Only the camera was with me. It recorded my unstitching, and then sewing a black thread onto my own silhouette, outfit. The form I ripped was duplicate clothes - doll skirts from my childhood. The author of the ripped form and skirt made over several years ago is my mum.


The above steps describe the beginning of building, getting to know my own fabric. In time, I will replace the home sewing machine with my own industrial one, which will have a strong influence on my further perception of working with thread.


The project "I'm taking out the black thread" has been included in the permanent collection of the Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach

Monika Mazurkiewicz


graduate of the University of Arts in Poznan: workshop graphics; sculpture and spatial activities' pedagogical study at the faculty of artistic education and curatorialism). Participation in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, including Contact: Papier und Fotografie aus den Akademien in Poznan und Lodz, Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach; the project "I'm taking out the black thread" belongs to the collection of the Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders; “Knüller Falter Reisser IV” - Sammlung “Kunst aus Papier” mit Schenkungen und Neuerwerbungen / ”Achtung Kulturgut. Die Sammlung Kunst aus Papier ”, Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders; Sofia International Paper Art Biennale; Amateras Annual Paper Art Exhibition, Art Alley Gallery / National Palace of Culture, Sofia; II Biennial of Textile Art, Museum of Applied Arts, Poznań.

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