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Karolina Lizurej

Some Stories to Tell

embroidery on bedsheets and other fabrics (4 x 8 m in total)

The work refers to the history of the Warsaw Uprising – a tragic uprising during World War Two, in which the inhabitants of Warsaw launched an armed uprising against the German occupier. As a result, around 250,000 inhabitants of the capital were killed, and the city was completely destroyed.


The story that unfolded over the course of 63 days was a series of events – dramatic, tragic, heroic, but also completely ordinary, life in the ruins and among the exploding bombs continued at its own pace.


The artist used authentic black and white photos of the uprising, creating a peculiar fabric sketchbook, resembling scattered pages covered with drawings and notes. The use of the embroidery technique has brought out an aspect related to the role of women in history as well.

Fragments of poems by Polish poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski, who died on the fourth day of the Uprising, were also incorporated into the work.

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Karolina Lizurej


assistant at the Artistic Textiles Studio at the Faculty of Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and conservator at the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic. Professionally, she manages to combine her own creativity, professional education as a conservator of monuments with her passion for history. Her works have taken part in several exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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