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Matylda Laskowska


installation of 4x litography on linen: the form of a bull (300x180 cm) and three dogs (ca 100x80 cm each)

The cycle is based on a literal visualisation of the suffering inflicted on dogs and bulls in Spain.


The aim was to directly present the relationship between humans and animals who coexisted for ages with several interdependencies. Linocuts were copied onto linen, which the artist chose because linen is a raw material known and used by humans continuously for thousands of years. The use of that original raw material for the copying of the linocut matrices also has a great importance due to the disagreement with the treatment of animals like objects undertaken in her work, as well as connection with the artist’s broader reflection on the human attitude towards the elements of nature.

Matylda Laskowska


student at the University of Arts in Poznan, member of the artistic collective „Peace”. She has been specialising in the linocut technique since 2018, and working as a tattoo artist using a pseudonym lizard.matilda since 2017

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