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Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska

It's not easy being green in the city

jacquard, installation of 5 elements: 190x55 cm, 4pcs x 190x42cm

The textile woven on a manually operated old jacquard loom.

The double structure of the cloth allows to create a kind of grid on which it is possible to ”cut out” the pictogram – the message. The cut-outs form the word “green”, which is repeated in the CMYK colours + white – an artificial, man-made colour space - basis - used for printing all other colours by mixing cyan, yellow, magenta and black on the white background.


The only green yarn is woven into the background of the piece lying on the ground, and is overwhelmed by the grayness of the concrete of the city jungle.

Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska

doctor of arts, textile design lecturer at the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Decorative Textile Studio, where she explores the secrets and possibilities of jacquard structures involving her students in inquiries and searches for unconventional ways of application of this traditional technology, that is useful and not harmful to the  environment. Her permanent reflection on the right way of creating new artifacts results in the increased attention she pays to commenting on the surrounding reality and in her critical attitude, both as artist and designer. most willing to explore the fields between various disciplines, preferably critical but also restorative in approach.


Participated in international exhibitions (lately): The International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz (2016, 2019), “For Freedom” in Lodz (2019), “Textile Art of Today” in Bratislava, Poprad, Uherské Hradiště, Budapest, Bielsko-Biala (2018-2019), „Lecturers of the Textile and Fashion Faculty, Helsinki 2019 in Helsinki (2019) and many others.



mobile: 00 48 661949940  


instagram: @dominikakrogulska

fb: Dominika Krogulska Czekalska

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