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Korzeniowska Jadzia_Industria, embroidery on printed fabric, 3 pcs 67x45 cm 59x45 cm 57x70

Jadzia Korzeniowska


2019-2020, embroidery on printed fabric, 3 pcs: 67x45 cm, 59x45 cm, 57x70

Industria 6. DEMAG – dream, energy, mind, acme, green generation

Industria 2. What will remain after us?

Industria 3. What is essential is invisible to the eye

In this series of works, the artist interprets the industrial heritage of places that grew up around the heavy industry, mainly in Upper Silesia. The embroidery that appears in her work - elements of folk art - refers to women coming along with the men who moved to Silesia and worked very hard there. The task to create a home was on those women’s shoulders; they also brought with them what we now call non-material culture: customs, traditions, and folk art. The artist embroiders photos of industrial monuments photos on fabric.


The embroidery is inscribed into the walls, the machines, and the fences of places once bustling with life, becoming in that way a record of the intersection of two intertwining worlds, inventing a magical space of an unreal world, created by years of coexistence.

Jadzia Korzeniowska

a graduate of the University of Folk Arts and Crafts in Wola Sekowa. She completed the instructor qualification course in the field of artistic handicraft and passed the journeyman exams in the professions of embroiderer and weaver. She also completed Art Education in the field of Fine Arts at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn.

In 2012, she founded an art and handicraft studio called "Creative Laboratory ArtKo".
Since 2019, a teacher of artistic handicrafts at the Youth Palace in Katowice
Participation in numerous individual and collective exhibitions

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