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Paulina Buzniak


triptych - work made in the technique of felt. With frames: 23x32 cm each

Nature is an excellent teacher. The cyclical nature of its processes constantly inspires me, reminds me of what is important, and brings relief in some way.


I am delighted with the process of rebirth of nature - both in terms of the victory of life over death and the blurring of the past.


Many times in crisis moments of life we ​​hear "time heals wounds". It happens that this is the only starting point and we believe that something will improve, problems will disappear and we will feel better.


It is similar to the process of change in nature. A burned forest, cut trees, or an animal that died among the grasses become only an element of the overall landscape with time. What caused negative emotions gradually disappears. The forest comes back to life, the trees grow back, the animal decomposes, and the place of its death is covered with new vegetation.


I used my profile in the triptych to show this process. The red places are my troubles, dilemmas, and harms that I have experienced. As in nature, the silhouette changes, and over time the red gives way to the green, almost completely disappearing leaving a calm surface reminiscent of moss.

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