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003 Bozena Kaluga FALA tech wlasna 2018 .jpg

Bozena Kaluga


artist`s own technique, polyester threads, acupuncture needles, foam, paper, 100 x 210cm

The piece can be read as a commentary on the turbulent situation in Poland. The colours refer to the national colours of the country, and the tangled threads give the impression of confusion and instability. The addition of acupuncture needles (symbolizing the weight of the human body) irritates the viewer, increasing his awareness. This feeling of being moved is to comment on the external reality and make the viewer rethink their attitude to the problems they face on a daily basis.

The artist says; “… An acupuncture needle is a very expressive, beautiful and clean object in its form. The inspiration for creating a series of objects was my personal experience from a several-month-of long acupuncture session, during which I was subjected to a personal fight.

This sophisticated symbolism inspired me to create a universal, multi-threaded message in my work of art relating to the problems of the present time."

Bozena Kaluga

graduated from the Strzeminski Academy of Art Lodz in 1985 and has been working in London since 2001.

London gave her the impetus to use other artistic techniques to express her own world of art. She is an interdisciplinary artist, working with textile art, sculpture, painting, and graphic art. She expresses herself best through abstraction, which she believes gives the artist and the viewer freedom to understand and interpret a work of art.

Her work has been exhibited internationally on numerous occasions and won awards like the Gold Medal at Jugendn Gestalted, Munich (1987), First Prize at the International Textilekunst Betonac-Prijs, Belgium (1988), First Prize at “Best of 2009”- sculpture Marizart Galerie, Germany; Third Place at the 3D Form Infinity Exhibition 09, USA (2009); and the Main Prize at 2018 London International Creative Competition UK (2019).

For reasons beyond the organizer's control, one of the works qualified for the Exhibition - Wave, by Bozena Kaluga - could not be sent to Indonesia due to customs and insurance procedures. However, the work has been featured on the Exhibition's website.

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