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AleksandraHerisz_PosrodBrzoz_batik_2020_6 — kopia.jpg

Aleksandra Herisz

Among The Birches

7x batik on cotton (43 x 300 cm, 54 x 300 cm, 51 x 300 cm, 42 x 300 cm, 61 x 300 cm, 41 x 300 cm, 54 x 300 cm)

The work refers to the Slavic symbolism of trees. Birch trees - trees with white trunks - were associated with femininity and linked to the cult of the Slavic Mother Earth. The installation is therefore an invitation to enter the mystical space of a birch forest. As the artist writes: "I was born in March, a month once called in Slavonic "Brzezień” – “The month of birches”, perhaps that is why I subconsciously love these trees for their beauty and tenderness. I love being among them, entering their space, and establishing relationships with them. Their white bark attracts light to reflect it with many colours."

Aleksandra Herisz,

born in 1967. Graduate of the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznan. In 2005, she completed post-graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, in Artistic Glass and Stained Glass Studios. She runs a studio and a gallery of creative activities at the Youth Cultural Centre No. 1 in Bytom. She also conducts training courses in Art and Handicraft and cooperates with the Lucznica Academy and several universities. Since 2006, she has been the president of the Free Association of Green Artists. She has completed over 30 projects and workshops, including the "SILEZIANY" International Biennial of Contemporary Artistic Textiles. She has presented her works at 14 solo and over 150 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Winner of numerous awards. Areas of artistic activity: unique fabrics, stained glass, and educational art projects.

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