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Grzesik-Studzinska Marta, Imaginary Notes I, screen printing (120x230 cm).jpg

Marta Grzesik-Studzinska

Notes from Imagination I

screen printing (120x230 cm)

Drawing plays a major role in the work, as it allows us to discover the peculiar world of the artist's inner experiences and thoughts. Composing individual elements has been reduced to a specific graphic symbol, which the artist has subjected to modifications. The leitmotif appears, disappears, returns transformed in a different place, with different power of influence, with a different saturation of colour, which differentiates the fabric. Looking for differences among the similarities, highlighting accents, and activating individual elements of the work, the artist strove to achieve an integral, rhythmic completeness. According to the artist's concept, the fabric is to be perceived and at the same time experienced, and the pattern, type of print, colour and texture of the material are to create a coherent organism.

Marta Grzesik-Studzinska

born in 1988 in Legnica. Graduate of the Faculty of Textile and Clothing at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Diploma with high distinction with a portfolio of graphics work at the Printed Fabrics Studio in 2012. The artist works with fabric (printing, batik, shibori). She proves that fabric, just like other fields of art, can create an artistic message and provide an excellent basis for specifying one's own artistic formula. She is also interested in graphic arts (linocut, etching, aquatint) and painting. Awarded many times. She has presented her works at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Associated with the Art Gallery in Legnica. She is the initiator and the implementer of many educational and cultural projects for children, young people, and seniors.

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