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Anna Goebel

Out of Excess or Around Everyday Life

object, own technique, red cabbage leaves, threads different sizes

In my recent compositions I touch the sphere of everyday life, my immediate environment, which has become a reason for reflection, a pretext for exploring the issue of organicity.


In my experiments I use the peels of bananas, oranges or avocados, which I transform, giving them new value, new meaning. In the work presented here, I used leaves from different kinds of red cabbage (purple-leaved) as a medium. I collected those that we discard, that are waste, that no longer serve any purpose. I was intrigued by their different structure, colour variations. As a result of the creative process, I changed their form, gave them a "second life", they are no longer what they were. After research, it turned out that there are more than a dozen species of this vegetable.


An important feature of the presented composition is its processuality, the experience of the potency of organic matter, the multiplicity of its attributes. The conceived forms refer to such values as changeability, fragility, transience, impermanence. Objects become a metaphor for human existence.


The concept of the work also refers to consumerism, to the excess of everything. There is less and less space on our planet. My idea also originated from thinking about the excess of everything, consumerism, which is omnipresent. 


It also refers to "art".

Anna Goebel

studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (at present University of Arts) in 1972- 77. Since 1978 she has been teaching at her alma mater. She runs the Interdisciplinary Studio of Artistic Textiles. Since 1994 she has held the title of professor.

She has participated in many individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad, the most important of which are: 15 th International Textile Biennial, Lausanne (Switzerland), 5th, 8th, 10 th Internationnal Triennial of Textile Art, Łódź, - 3 th International Soft Sculpture, Nagoya (Japan) - Different Voices, New Art from Poland, Kent, Chicago, - 5th International Textile Biennial of Textile Art, Kyoto (Japan), - Flexible 2, Pan European Art, Tilburg (Holland) - Polish Contemporary Textile Art, Curdiba (Brazil) - 13th, 15th, 18th International Textile Exhibition, Como (Italy) - 17th, 21th International Fiber Art Biennial, Pittsburg (USA) - "Material Matters", Cheongiu International Bienniale, South Korea, - "In Between", International Paper Exhibition (Israel) - 5th International Biennial of Textile Art, Palas de Glace, Buenos Aires (Argentina) - “No Paper, paper ", Stadtische Museum, Bergisch Gladbach (Germany), -" Wandelbar ", Schlos in Agathenburg, (Germany), International textile Miniature, Łódż, Gdynia, Szombathely (Hungary), Kherson (Ukraine) - 2nd International Paper Art Biennale “Pulp & amp; Fiction, Beer Sheva, The Negev Museum of Art (Israel) - Isvanding / Ausvanding, Gallery Spinnerei, Leipzig (Germany) - Pettit, City Gallery in Kalisz - "Flows", Curator's Gallery, Poznań, - "Who afraid of_Rosa", a & amp; oKunsthalle, Leipzig (Germany).

Works in collections: Central Museum of Textiles, Savaria Muzeum Szombathely, Hungary, The Museum of Art. Eli Goor, Tel Aviv (Israel), Gdynia City Museum, Museum Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City, Studio Art Center, Warsaw, the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój, in private art collections in Poland and abroad.

She participated in artistic projects of Land Art, among them; Ruzomberok (Slovakia), Sulwald (Switzerland), Skoki (Poland), Salina (USA), Lake Mungo (Australia), Cassetera, and Puglia (Italy).

Scholarship from the Minister of Culture and Art, Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York, Medal for merit to Kultura- Gloria Artis Visiting professor; the Universidad IBERO, Art Faculty, Mexico City the Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania (USA), the University of Wollongong (Australia), the University of South Australia, Adelaide, the Australian National University School of Art & amp; Design, Cambera, University - Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, Germany

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