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Tomasz  Dróżdż Tkanina Żakardowa Czerwona  2018(2).jpg

jacquard, 140 x 300 cm

Tomasz Drozdz


Jacquard fabric "Red" is the part of my collections of jacquard fabrics "DR 1_9", made on the Picanol industrial loom at the Łódź University of Technology. The designed geometric 3-meter original repeat (pattern) was made from different raw materials, different weaves, and colours of yarns. The use of the same pattern under different conditions is marked to illustrate the potential of the contemporary jacquard technique.

The “Red” fabric was woven from two polyester threads, red and blue. The coloured planes were filled with complex weaves that divide and connect the double fabrics and single fabric. Thanks to this solution, the fabric is fully two-sided, various areas are dense or wrinkled.

Modern weaving technology has always inspired me, curiosity about what can be produced thanks to it, how to best design an artistic pattern for it and what opportunities it creates. When I saw for the first time ŁAD jacquards or fabrics from the so-called Łódź jacquard trend, I was intrigued by their technological aspect and their final results. Each of my previous fabrics were experiments, trying to find answers to these questions. Moving away from small repeats and rhythms, focusing on changing the composition within one big repeat, is the main features of my realizations. The fabric has integral three-meter pattern.


To make my fabrics more modern, I consciously use yarns made of artificial and synthetic fibers, metallic, glowing lurex fabrics, and shiny polyamides. Reflections of light, play of structures, transparent yarns, shrinking fabrics, and processing terms: these means of expression and technological treatments have become my inspiration.

Tomasz Drozdz

Higher education lecturer and designer of jacquard fabrics. He also creates designs for clothing prints and pattern designs for printed fabrics. His pattern designs have been used in several fashion collections of domestic clothing brands and his jacquard fabrics were exhibited in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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