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Buzniak Paulina, Overgrown, triptych - work made in the technique of felt (with frames 23x

Paulina Buzniak

2021, Overgrown

triptych, felt technique (dimensions including frames 23x32 cm each)

The cyclical nature of the natural world constantly inspires the artist.


The process of the natural world’s rebirth – in terms of both the victory of life over death and the blurring of the past - reminds us of what is important and, in some way, brings relief. A burnt forest, cut trees, or an animal that died among the grasses, become only an element of the overall landscape with time.


Everything that caused negative emotions gradually disappears. The forest comes back to life, the trees grow back, the animal decomposes, and new vegetation covers the place of its death.


To show this process, the artist used her own profile in the triptych. The red spots are the troubles, the dilemmas, and the harms she has experienced. Just like in nature, the silhouette changes, and red gives way to green over time, only to disappear almost completely, leaving a calm surface reminiscent of moss.


Paulina Buzniak,


born in 1986, was a student at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Graphics in 2006-2011. She made her diploma in Lithography Studio (promoter of professor Blazej Ostoja Lniski) and received the Rector’s distinctions, annex was created in the Illustration Studio (promoter dr hab. Zygmunt Januszewski).


She is a laureate of the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding achievements in science in the academic year 2010/2011.


Since 2011 she has been working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – currently as an assistant of prof. Blazej Ostoja Lniski at the Book and Illustration Studio, and as a lecturer in computer technology for first-year graphic students.


Fields of artistic activity: lithography, printing on fabric, illustration, graphic design

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