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Bolinska_Upadek (1).JPG

Iwona Bolinska-Walendzik

Collapse I-III

2018, batik, 3 pcs, 140 x 90 cm each

The series of batiks “The Collapse” were inspired by fragments of the broken stained glass from the cathedral in Frombork, Poland.


Those pieces of colourful broken glass survived several centuries, only to be destroyed during the World War Two. Their fragmentary nature could constitute a metaphor of fragility and fleeting nature of life. In this way, the works from the past become a guide for the artist to understand the surrounding world.

Iwona Bolinska-Walendzik

Doctor of Fine Art graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Coordinator of cultural projects and workshops, exhibition curator.  Author of over 50 solo exhibitions and participant in 130 collective ones.

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